About Us

ENGINEERING AND GENERAL SERVICES “E.G.S.” is a multidisciplinary design office created in 1989, established in Tunisia, with the legal form Société Anonyme “S.A”.

The activity of our company is subject to the laws and regulations in force governing the design offices.

EGS is a design office with a long experience in the fields of water and environmental engineering, hydraulic and environmental protection installations as well as in the neighboring sectors.

To properly conduct studies in the various sectors listed above, EGS has a multidisciplinary team made up of around twenty permanent employees, around thirty independent consultants and various foreign international partnerships with which it conducts studies in Tunisia and abroad, in the form of consultation or grouping.
EGS services range from preliminary and investigative studies to management and controls, including detailed Pre-Project and Execution studies.

Countries of intervention

EGS operates in Tunisia and abroad by developing its activities and its representation in the countries of North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa to ensure a permanent presence and guarantee the sustainability of its activities in these countries.

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